EXACTA’s limited-term assignments - up to 18 months and extendible up to 3 years - offer minimal risk to clients and an informed partner (i.e. EXACTA) on matters of governance and regulation impacting staff augmentation.

Short term assignments - usually less than 1000 hours/year - offer solutions as client needs and funding dictate. Time is billed at affordable hourly rates while an On-Demand agreement ensures priority attention and the quickest path to problem resolution by EXACTA’s experts.

Using EXACTA’s vast talent acquisition tools, clients are provided an excellent source of proven, vetted candidates that match immediate requirements.

With EXACTA's unique structure, interns create portfolios that demonstrate their enthusiasm, knowledge and skills while working on client priorities. Small, well-defined projects, under the direction of an experienced EXACTA consultant, provide measurable results, maximum learning and low risk to clients.