Meet Family Organizer Plus

Family Organizer Plusfrom EXACTA is the answer to managing family records, contacts and calendars. FamilyOrganizer Plus is a consumer-focused platform based on our commercial contact relationship management (CRM), Corporate Organizer CRM&More, a world-class, industrial-strength and secure manager of business Contacts, Calendars and curated Documents.

Contact Managing

From teachers and dry cleaners to the family dentist and more, Family Organizer provides a common resource for all of your family's contacts and their details. Easily capture phone numbers, email and physical addresses, and business or institutional names from business cards, distribution lists, and return address labels - any source in print or on the screen - using your phone, tablet or PC camera.

No typing - just snap and send. Then access the data conveniently and securely from Family Organizer on the blockchain and bypassing vulnerable and limited contact apps on your phone or email service.

Family Calendaring

Eliminate hours of wasted time each year trying to schedule family events by connecting the calendars for each family member to one. Instantly see open periods and schedule "family" time easily and conveniently like never before. Gone are the scheduling conflicts, missed notices, last minute cancellations, and excuses to not attend - pushed and pulled from iPhone, Android, Outlook, Google, Yahoo and other calendar appliances used by your family.

Document Curating

Don't like filing or organizing paperwork - GOOD! Family Organizer supprts AI-enhanced document management. Simply scan or select an electronic file in virtually any format and drag it to the VAULT, where our indexing engine will analyze, organize, and categorize your file for quick and easy access.

From your desktop or from your phone, interrogate Family Organizer's VAULT using one or more key words. Observe instant responses with names and links to matching files. All of these are securely stored in the cloud on the Blockchain.

Preview or select a file to immediately view, print, download, or share with another person - all encrypted and stored away from prying eyes on EXACTA's Blockchain-based solution. Managing and finding crucial medical records, credit card statements, report cards, birth certificates and other important documents was never easier (and time-saving) with the help of EXACTA's proprietary and AI-enriched software, available in Family Organizer.