Contact Relationship Manager

“Does your business software make less or more work for you?” Corporate Organizer CRM&More is easy-tosetup and easy-to-use, offering immediate return on investment. Solving your sales, recruitment, and system challenges is EXACTA’s can-do purpose. With this attitude and four decades of know-how, we can solve more problems out of the box than any other competing product or service provider. More Info

Applicant Relationship Manager

Workforce recruitment and marketing are the top challenges facing employers today. With the ARM extension for Corporate Organizer, employers dramatically cut time needed to find candidates to interview. Build your own talent pool from which to draw on demand using a tailored online application, built in document handler and assessment of each persons potential to meet your requirements. On-board instantly with an electronic library with e-signable documents and drag the selected candidate into Corporate Organizers HRIS subsystem. More Info


Job Relationship Manager

If you bill for cost or labor, JRM is the ideal extension to your Corporate Organizer CRM & More platform. Standardize all your company's roles and skill requirements to accurately plan and precisely measure project and job costs. Reveal potential overruns before they happen and improve future estimate by using data derived from your labor/cost history. More Info


Time Relationship Manager

From the shop floor to the back office, whether your company tracks time for employees or subcontractors, processes payroll or bills for clients, TRM is one of the most desired extensions to your Corporate Organizer CRM & More. Track estimated and extended hours per job - anytime, anywhere. Then effortlessly post to popular payroll programs, create contractor purchase orders (and pay them), and generate invoices automatically. Improve accuracy in accounting eliminating manual re-entry of time, and reduce your time to invoice. More Info


Knowledge Relationship Manager

Today's business owners and managers battle information overload from internal and external sources including the internet. Data processing fatigue is a very real problem, and discerning what is actionable from in-actionable take skill, and perhaps intuition. KRM extends your Corporate Organizer CRM & More platform to a peg-board of alerts and suggestions offering you a strategic advantage over your competition. From workforce recruitment and sales order processing to critical path logistics and inventory management, KRM aligns every employee with company objectives...painlessly. More Info

Third-Party Integration

Each module can be fully integrated with each and other third parties such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, Quickbooks, Google Maps, Microsoft Exchange, e-Signature, e-Survey and many others.