Commercial Software Solutions

Corporate Organizer embodies a 21st century paradigm focused on people, processes, and their relationships to each other.

People buy from people. People hire people. Corporate Organizer exclusively offers every business a comprehensive and scalable suite of software solutions that integrate processes and people to form and develop healthy technology-enabled relationships.

Customers, vendors, employees, and prospective relationships like these are crucial to sustaining a commercial community around one's brand, service or product, and only EXACTA's Corporate Organizer meets the challenge with advanced technologies, like AI and blockchain, and a rich heritage of IT problem solving over four decades.


Professional Consultants

EXACTA has been a trusted resource for software developers, architects and project managers for more than 40 years. Our IT and STEM-focused professionals contribute daily at major innovation centers and in businesses and government agencies, small and large, across the nation.

From mainframes to cloud architectures, EXACTA is positioned with more than 22,000 consulting professionals, each with a proven track record of technological success when it comes to solving the most challenging of business and information problems. EXACTA's deep pool of competent talent extends worldwide. Our staff analysts and support personnel effectively apply creative and critical thinking at every opportunity, continuously improving the end-user and management experience of commercial and government systems.


Lifelong Learning

Recognizing that education is our greatest force for progress, EXACTAcademy, the educational arm of EXACTA Corporation, offers courses and seminars in IT, STEM and Management, some in conjunction with global resources like Khan Academy and Coursera. Many of the topics presented are rooted in first-hand applied research and real-world implementations, and often are seen as emergent and disruptive to traditional approaches.

Through practical training, professional certifications, and advanced continuing education, EXACTA generates a tidal effect of new ideas built around customer focus and service delivery in partnership with and for our clients. Direct online delivery from major universities and colleges around the world, as well as technical certification programs, offer EXACTA and our clients a cost-effective mechanism to ensure knowledge growth for years to come.