EXACTA Corporation honors and respects those who have sacrificed so much personally for our freedom in America and to travel abroad without fear or trepidation. Our talent management staff network routinely with civilian contractors, government agencies and other organizations who are committed to transitioning service men and women into private-sector careers. Our proactive approach has been lauded by our client-employers, employees and independent consultants, alike.

Like those who serve, have served, or families of those who have made the greatest sacrifice of life in defending the rights of Americans 24 hours per day, 365 days each year, EXACTA is especially willing to meet and work with technically trained and skilled veterans any time. Our consultants have served in every branch of the military, as well as in the Department of Homeland Security, and it is a privilege to represent some of the highly skilled and disciplined patriots to our clientele.

For more information if you are a veteran or soon-to-be one, please call talent development at 800-258-2070 or email the talent management team at ITJOBS4VETS@EXACTACorp.com.