Applicant Relationship Manager

Real-time matching with skills to job rates and requirements. Comprehensive applicant tool for recording demographics, skill sets, work and education, credentials and documents.

Contact Relationship Manager

Company-wide contact and tracking system for prospects, customers, suppliers and employees. Integrated with a robust sales and marketing program for a business of any size.

Time Relationship Manager

Complete time, attendance, billing and expense reporting with emailed and manual timesheets for flexible pay periods and seamlessly integrated with accounting systems for payroll, billing, and purchasing.

Job Relationship Manager

Complete job description manager (public and private display options), pay rates, skills matrix, key hiring contacts, and reporting. Tracks and analyzes actual cost against budgeted and standard cost.

Knowledge Relationship Manager

Graphical business intelligence, dashboarding and statistical analysis of key performance, automatic retrieval of accounting information for financial reporting. All powered by AI-based digital asset curation with dynamic real-time extraction.

Third-Party Integration

Each module can be fully integrated with each and other third parties such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, Quickbooks, Google Maps, Microsoft Exchange, e-Signature, e-Survey and many others.