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Consultant & Candidate Faq's

1Who or what is EXACTA exactly?
It's easier to say who and what we are not at the outset to dispel any confusion...EXACTA is not a resume forwarding service or low/no value temporary placement agency. EXACTA builds and exercises long term relationships around computer consulting projects. Some assignments are short term while others are long term. In the latter case, our oldest serving consultant has worked for EXACTA since 1980! EXACTA has proprietary processes and software designed for the "gig-economy" to maximize career potential for our professional and support staff and to deliver superior added-value services to clients, alike.
2Why do I need to fill-out an application?
The direct answer is simply that you are applying to be an EXACTA employee. Since 1976 our staff analysts have served in every IT-related role in the industry - from technician to corporate officer. Most have been software designers, developers and project leaders, but we've traditionally looked to form long-term employment relationships with our professional staff. In this way, EXACTA can invest in our talent, develop a coveted team of problem-solvers, and provide our clients with responsive professionals.
3What is a motivational assessment?
Motivational assessments assist us and you in determining your natural disposition towards certain business environments and opportunities. The assessment informs EXACTA and our clients (and confirms for you) whether you have a proclivity to oversee or direct others, influence decisions, function in a changing or static environment as an agent or maintainer, respectively, and to comply or redefine boundaries.
4Is my information safe with EXACTA?
Yes. Our facilities are physically secure and under 24x7 surveillance, while our web connections, servers and databases are each encrypted. A rigorous password modification process is used, too. Nonetheless, you can refrain from entering highly sensitive personal information, such as full SSN, full DOB, or anything else which makes you uncomfortable...until interview time when the preliminary background check is initiated. All staff with access have passed a comprehensive background check and are subject to pre-employment and random drug screening.
5Can I (and should I) upload additional documents to support my profile?
You bet. The more, the merrier. Upload your resume, glowing letters from your past supervisors, academic and certification credentials, family-friendly pictures of your workspace, or just about anything you'd like in your e-file that you feel best represents the complete "you."
6What type of file formats can I upload or attach to my job application?
We accept most Microsoft, Apple and Linux formats for text, graphics and, of course, PDF.
7Can I upload malware or viruses to my profile?
You are not permitted to upload anything but bona fide files to support your application. Our servers constantly scan and prevent malware injections and virus infections, so don't try it. We're also tracking your IP and can detect spoofed and proxy addresses. If you're caught, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
8Can I apply by fax or email?
Why? You're going to need to fill-out the app and assessment eventually, so get started. This is, of course, the 21st century.
9What if I’m using a supported browser and I’m still having problems?
You may call us from 7:30AM to 5:30PM Central Standard Time to speak with support or talent management personnel, or email 24x7. As the adage goes, "KEEP CALM AND CALL EXACTA."
10Are there any tips for doing the on-line application?
Don't provide skills that you haven't exercised or developed more than 10 years ago, but provide a complete work history as far back as possible. We like knowing that you might have actually painted dorm rooms, served as a barista, changed oil, or solved a proof in quantum mechanics before the age of 19. Otherwise, the form is tabbed and modular, so you can start it and stop as often as you like. You can make changes anytime, since it is more your "profile" than a formal application. Above all, be accurate since 100% of the information will be checked and verified...and inaccuracies just slow us (and you) down.
11Do I have fill out all portions of the application?
No - you only fill out those portions which require an actual response. While EXACTA's app and assessment may take you a bit more time than applying on-line at Wally World or someplace else, ask yourself if 45 minutes or so is a worthwhile investment of your time. If you're seeking a partnership with an employer that yields more than a "dream job," remember that EXACTA offers the best possibility for a DREAM CAREER!
12What if I only want a gig and not a long term relationship?
Then the world outside of EXACTA is your oyster...especially if fast money, irregular work and shallow relationships are your goal. But to appropriate a popular quote..."If you want to travel fast, go alone. If you want to travel far, go with EXACTA (others)." To be devoted to your career requires strategic planning, underwriting further education and training, and building a track record of progressive advancement. Why settle for anything less?
13How many and what kinds of projects and roles does EXACTA have?
Please check out our career portal at and select Jobs on the menu. Coast-to-coast opportunities arrive daily from our clients, and between 50 to 100 are available on any given day of the week. Our talent management professionals can discuss any of these in detail with you after a NonDisclosure Agreement is signed.
14Will I be notified the positions for which my resume is submitted?
Our process is modeled after representation agencies in sports and celebrity management (and why not!?!?) because you deserve the best representation of your abilities, skills and potential contribution to each EXACTA client. Prior to submitting you to a role, EXACTA requests a formal agreement from you, called a "Right to Represent." You will not be submitted to any opportunity without a corresponding RTR.
15Will I be notified if the job has been filled?
Status Record, under your profile, reflects the roles, intermediary and final outcomes for which you have been submitted, so you can check the status 24x7.
16Can I get updates when new openings are posted?
You can check the Jobs on our portal at daily (sort by the date column for the latest to appear first), but EXACTA's proprietary matching engine identifies the pool of eligible candidates automatically. If you're matched meeting at least 66% of the client's criteria, an email with the link and skills matrix is personally sent by a talent management professional to determine your interest. If you don't reply right away, EXACTA might call you, just in case you have an over-zealous spam filter or obsolete email address.
17How long after I apply might I be called for an interview?
This is not a question for EXACTA as much as it is a question for you to answer to yourself. Only you know your marketability, so if your skills are in demand, you possess keen problem-solving insight, or have a terrific track record of high motivation and drive, then the time may be quite short or even same day. There is no standard or average time frame that can be offered credibly.
18When will my references be checked?
Background checks are conducted at the time an interview is requested. Your profile and assessment must be complete prior to accepting an interview. You can indicate in your profile which references to contact and when it might be appropriate to do so.
19How often should I update my application and can I take the motivational assessment more than once?
First, keep your profile updated constantly. Refine it to emphasize your strengths, historical facts, and major contributions. Your application is reviewed and vetted at the time of each submittal, considered for advancement, or upon new assignment. You may take and retake the motivational assessment as often as you like, but only the most recent will appear on your profile. In rare circumstances where results of the assessment are inconclusive, candidates may be asked to reassess.
20Can I complete my application even though I’m not applying for specific posted job vacancy?
For sure! EXACTA has a strategic goal to represent the top IT and STEM professionals in the US and abroad, and if you think you are (or might be) one of these, then don't delay. Start your profile, complete the assessment, tell us about yourself, and let us earn your confidence and representation.
21Do you charge candidates for the drug screening?
No. But it will cost you your career if you test positive since EXACTA has a zero-tolerance policy on working under the influence of controlled or illegal substances.
22Is there a placement fee?
No. All fees are paid by EXACTA's clients. Our talent is never charged.
23What are my staffing options?
Full-time, Part-time & Project Term-Limited (W2 employee) and Contractor (W9 1099). Locus tenens, rotations, remote and geographic preferences are also honored when possible.

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