Enterprise Business Analyst/WI/Technology

Business Analyst (BA)                            

General Description

experienced business analysts specialize in the design, development and
application of technology to business processes in the following sectors:

□ Finance

□ Human

□ Banking

□ Insurance

□ Government

□ Manufacturing

□ Distribution

□ Construction

□ Retail

BAs review, analyze, and evaluate business systems, processes, and
user needs, engineer and re-engineer processes, and catalyze change.

Their primary
objective is to identify and recommend tactical changes in processes or technology
which supports an organization’s goals and strategies. They collaborate with project managers, architects,
and development teams to assess, develop and deploy solutions.

Successful candidates possess
expertise in one or more of the following:

□ Requirements gathering

□ Process mapping

□ Comparing solutions

□ Assessing risks

□ Analyzing financial factors

□ Re-engineering

Minimum Qualifications

(1)   Degree: AAS or higher

(2)   Certification(s): IIBA BABOK or equivalent or alternative

(3)   Knowledge and
experience in the pertinent business, industry or government sector.

(4)   Knowledge and
experience in pertinent process/workflow:

 □ Sales,
Marketing, CRM

□ Accounting

□ Purchasing & Inventory

□ Engineering, CAD, GIS

□ Product

□ Quality Assurance

□ Human Resources & Payroll

Manufacturing Ops & Production Scheduling


Lead responsibility
and compensation commensurate based on years.

 Level & Years Experience:     □ I (1-2)         □ II
(3-5)         □ III (6-10)     □ IV (10+)


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