Does ‘Dressing for Success’ Still Matter? Mimic What’s Important…



More than 550 executives—including CEOs, CFOs, COOs and senior vice presidents—took part in a CareerBuilder research effort, recently published on Baseline.   The survey clarifies a few things about those who run companies whom you seek to emulate with questions like:

How many hours do these executives work in a typical week? Do they eat lunch at their desk or at a fancy restaurant? Will they order a beer during an office happy hour event or stick with water?

Some of the answers might surprise the reader…

  • 58% of the CEOs and other top-level executives surveyed work between 40 and 49 hours a week, and 32% work 50 or more hours;
  • Just one in five of these execs consider a business suit typical office attire. 57% opt for business casual, and 18% regularly wear jeans or shorts to work;
  • 42% of the executives surveyed bring their lunch from home, while 22% order fast food and 14% go to a sit-down restaurant.

– See more at: Read the Survey

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