2015 IT Hiring Looks Positive for the “Qualified”

applynow_buttonThe hiring of IT professionals is anticipated to grow among 60% of companies in the US in 2015; however, 40% of companies reportedly struggle with finding “qualified” candidates.  These companies operate everywhere across the USA.

Over the past few quarters EXACTA has received at least 4 new employer-clients asking the 40 year old company to bring its “real-time matchmaking technology” and EXACTAme format to their recruiting processes. Free-form resumes don’t reflect the individuality of the applicant, just their weakness in developing effective resumes.  Many are tedious to read and digest, as candidate after candidate writes a short treatise for every part-time and short-term job they ever held.  Far too often the resumes burden the readers, who have less and less time to plow through them.

Current client-employers using the EXACTAme have expressed their pleasure at its clean and concise format. Hiring managers who use it have commented that the EXACTAme reduces time and “mental fatigue” when reviewing the credentials and histories of candidates. After reading the EXACTAme, they can still review the self-formatted resume, though many are satisfied with the former.

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