Product Safety Specialist/WI/

The incumbent is responsible for the acquisition, data entry and reporting of raw material and finished product chemical safety information, supplier technical data, and other product safety, stewardship and regulatory chemical compliance information.

Additional key responsibilities include supporting safety and regulatory compliance assessments of ingredients, raw materials, and finished products through collaboration with staff toxicologists, regulatory specialists, and business team members.

Principal Responsibilities

1. Participate in the transition of legacy product safety and regulatory compliance records into a new SAP-based database. Provide data entry services to create and maintain product safety, regulatory, toxicology and chemical compliance databases on substances, raw materials and products within the portfolio. Create output reports as required, including safety and regulatory assessment reports, SDS, core dossier, etc. for products, materials and ingredients.

2. Engage suppliers in order to obtain material disclosures, required information and/or additional test data for safety evaluation, regulatory registration or notification programs such as European or Korean REACH, EU RoHS, US TSCA, China New Chemical Substances regulation, etc.

3. Work collaboratively and effectively with cross-functional teams in different global locations. Identify, and escalate as appropriate, potential problems or issues, technical or chemical compliance issues or material changes that may impact products or business sectors globally.

4. Effectively work within cross-functional systems and processes, support and strengthen strategic internal customer and external material supplier relationships, and prioritize work – all while making cost effective decisions. The incumbent is responsible for managing key contact relationships with strategic material suppliers and will be viewed as valued and indispensable partner.

5. The incumbent is expected to apply specialized scientific knowledge, be self-motivated, and be able to work independently on assigned projects.

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