Desktop Support/WI/Government

This Service Desk position provides a broad level of knowledge in specialized technical support, consultation and training services for department personnel. The primary responsibility and focus is in the area of technical support triage/boundary definitions, process/procedure development and improvement, Service Desk quality metrics, technical support accuracy and quality oversight and team mentorship. This position will develop and recommend standards, support ticket workflows, and installation and maintenance standards of client/server systems including hardware and software as they pertain to Service Desk support.
The positions are responsible for ongoing mentoring and training of Service Desk staff, conducting ticket and process reviews and provides reports and metrics to identify trends and areas of improvement for the Service Desk. It also provides high level knowledge of Cherwell, mentoring Service Desk and Workstation Support in its use. This position is also responsible for maintaining proficiency in computer software and hardware while training, coaching, and mentoring Service Desk personnel.
This Service Desk person relies on extensive experience and judgement to plan and accomplish goals. This Service Desk person is expected to independently perform a variety of Service Desk related tasks and serve as a Service Desk expert on day -to-day end user issues. A wide degree of self-direction, prioritization and latitude is expected.
The incumbent shall have 3 or more years of experience in a Service Desk position and be familiar with a variety of concepts, practices, and procedures relating to Service Desk Support.

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