Community Manager/WI/Manufacturing


The online community manager will act as the external voice of the company and specific brands while simultaneously acting as the voice of the customers internally. 

The value lies in the community manager serving as a hub and having the ability to personally connect with the customers (humanize the company), shepherd & provide feedback to many departments internally (development, PR, marketing, legal service, tech support, digital, etc. ). 

The community manager is responsible for overseeing single or multiple brands within a category, and ensuring that internal & external customers receive the best and most effective, integrated and efficient Customer Experience available. 

The community manager could be responsible to communicate with multimedia communication channels when necessary including phone, email, and live chat or mobile. 

The community manager should be able to manage conversational calendars and proactively engage with customers. 

The Online Community Manager will implement the Company Online Community Strategy, managing engagement and interactivity with its audience, and fostering community spirit. This role coordinates with the internal Editorial and Marketing teams to support their respective missions, ensuring consistency in voice and cultivating a strong community around the brand. 

Consumer Services – General:
Participate in new initiatives (i. e. social, global) and presentations to expand services offered and department revenue and profitability. Ensure that the company continues to remain strategically opportunistic by continually evaluating the company online marketing and outreach strategies, including both tools presently being used and emerging technologies. Participate within channels that the organization will be using in order to have firsthand knowledge of all opportunities within each platform. 

Have knowledge of influential resources for continual self-education; such sources can be online or event based. Provide professional climate and interfacing/operations of own team and other Consumer Services departments and functions. Support senior staff in the development, management, and maintenance of Consumer Services initiatives. Contributes to creating FAQs, responses. Partner with associate account lead(s) assigned to the brand(s). 

Interface with worldwide counterparts in the development of brand-focused best practices. Keeps up to date on Consumer Service, Customer Experience, and contact center and social media industry trends and best practices. 

The incumbent should hold a Bachelor degree, preferably in a relevant discipline (i. e. ; PR, journalism, communication, marketing or other relevant areas), and/or demonstrated equivalent ability and experience in the targeted area. 

A minimum of 1-3 years of experience is typically expected in entering this position.

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