Manufacturing Engineer/Texas/Manufacturing/Contract Only


Responsible for the development of packaging standards and benchmarks throughout the Building Efficiency organization. Provides frequent, close direction to manufacturing and distribution management, internal facility personnel and to third party service providers on the proper packaging and handling of Building Efficiencies products. Drives ongoing cost reduction/containment and damage reduction activity to ensure competitive cost position. Researches and evaluates alternative packaging, racking, and other technologies to improve the safety, performance, and pack density of products. Understand requirements for both domestics shipping and international shipping. Aligns closely with product development process to design products that consider logistics constraints and opportunities. Actively monitors freight damages globally and defines corrective action processes to minimize future problems.


  1. Develop standard packaging and processes for many custom manufactured products that minimize cost and minimize damages 
  2. Maximizes pack density and cube optimization 
  3. Identifies opportunities to improve truck or container utilization and develops appropriate KPI’s to measure performance 
  4. Actively monitors freight damage performance and develops root cause corrective actions to continuously improve damage performance 
  5. Function as primary input into product development process for logistics activities to develop a more transportable product 
  6. Provides recommendations on existing designs to improve for transport performance 
  7. Develop packaging strategies with internal and external suppliers to optimize warehouse storage and utilization, drive improved pick strategies, and reduce damage during storage. 
  8. Develops and provides standards and expectations to external packaging services on packaging of products 
  9. Work closely with logistics team on transportation provider issues and corrective actions 
  10. Works closely with procurement team on cost savings initiatives 
  11. Works closely with quality and manufacturing teams to reduce warranty cost 
  12. Resolves problems concerning transportation, systems, import/export, and customer issues that arise on a regular basis between internal and external parties 
  13. Knowledge of international packaging requirements and dangerous goods transportation regulations 
  14. Other duties as assigned 


  • Bachelor’s degree in Packaging Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. 
  • Eight years of experience with a minimum of five years of packaging engineering experience in a custom manufacturing environment with small to large bulky equipment. 
  • Excellent verbal communication skills and interpersonal skills in persuasion, negotiation, conflict resolution and teamwork. 
  • Strong knowledge of Department of Transportation (DOT) Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) rules and regulations. 
  • Knowledge of ISTA (International Safety Transit Authority) package performance test methods and procedures. 
  • Demonstrated knowledge of handling medium to large sized custom manufactured equipment for van, flatbed, LTL, ocean, and airfreight transport. 
  • Capable of working independently in a staff position across departmental lines of authority. 
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite (i.e., PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Access), and capability to learn and use company-specific business information systems relevant to the position

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