Developer/Texas/Manufacturing/Contract Only


1-3 Years of Experience
Associate’s Degree or equivalent. 

Demonstrates knowledge of the principles, concepts and theories of a configurator software. Demonstrates knowledge of the principles, concepts, and theories in application development relative to AS400/MacPac software. Have knowledge of the structure, creation, & maintenance of Sales, Pricing, & Manufacturing rule sets with AS400/MacPac. 

Establish and maintain MRP and configuration database as required for item masters, drawings, specifications, product structures [bills of material: EBOM (eng. BOM), MBOM (mfg. BOM), & SBOM (service BOM)]. Follow best practices to build, update and maintain product models (rules writing in MACPAC), related model documentation, rules, model structures, testing and validation of changes, and maintenance associated to engineering changes and marketing updates. Extract, gather, and accumulate product knowledge from the various sources across the organization. Structure the acquired knowledge using engineering documentation, tables, matrices, etc. so that it is in a clear and concise format that can be effectively evaluated, validated and developed into its logic for developing and maintaining the product model. 

Demonstrate the ability to analyze and interpret engineering documentation and drawings and convert information into product logic, and BOMs. Produce deliverables related to assigned project(s); assist in post-implementation support and system enhancements. Work with the technical team to identify, assess, and correct issues. Performs other duties as assigned.

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