Developer – Data Warehouse/Wisconsin/Manufacturing/Contract Only



  1. Bachelor Degree in Engineering, Computer Science or a closely related discipline to be determined by business needs or equivalent technical experience. 
  2. 5-8 years related systems or engineering experience, or skills commensurate with 5-8 years systems or engineering experience.


  1. Creates and develops information product or operations concepts as required by specifications. Oversees a major project, system or several smaller projects or systems ensuring completion within time and budgetary constraints. Develops, designs, plans, and implements, processes, systems and procedures utilizing standard engineering or technology principles to complete assignments. Uses judgment in making adaptations or modifications. 
  2. Plans, schedules, and controls development projects or systems to meet established objectives for quality, reliability and performance. Ensures the effective utilization of resources; human, material, and facility. 
  3. Analyzes the impact of changes on existing information products or systems. Assesses the compatibility with goals in all areas. Analyzes cost effectiveness and feasibility. 
  4. Analyzes and resolves problems and provides technical assistance as is necessary. Implements corrective actions. 
  5. Perform trade-off between implementation, schedule and cost and resource constraints, and recommend alternatives. Provide technical feedback, inputs and consultation to other organizations involved in system design or implementation activities. Participate in technology transfer initiatives among IT departments, R&D, and Product Engineering. 
  6. Develops policies, procedures and objectives for management review. Upon approval, implements changes. 
  7. Directs less experienced engineers and/or technologists in investigation, data gathering and analysis. Makes work assignments, checks output, and provides instruction and training in the application of sound engineering practices.

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