Application Architect/WI/Government/Contract Only


Skills: C#, Visual Basic, ASP .NET, Oracle SQL

Experience: A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering with 3+ years of experience working on the DOT NET framework. Working knowledge agile methodologies.

The main responsibility is to work with the Snapshot Wisconsin research team to enhance and maintain the project’s web-based application for data storage and collection. 

Some of the tasks include:

  1. Enhancing and maintaining the project’s web-based volunteer management and data collection system. 
  2. Testing and deploying the web-based applications. 
  3. Version control using TFS. 
  4. Implement user interface changes based on feedback from volunteers and researchers. 
  5. Maintaining and developing the backend Oracle SQL data base to support the needs of the project. 
  6. Build systems to make data analysis and report generation easy. 
  7. Creating clear and up to date documentation for the project’s configuration and code base. 
  8. Maintaining the project’s file storage systems. 
  9. Developing and maintaining new and existing batch jobs for processing data. 
  10. Maintaining interfaces to external APIs for processing images.

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