ETL Architect/WI/Contract Only


Ongoing Daily Responsibilities:
Leads definition, execution, and communication of ETL strategy, architecture, processes to support the EDW environment. Lead definition and development of ETL technical standards. Coordinate and lead design review of all ETL packages (programs). This will include high-level design of the overall solution and detailed design of all components of the solution. 

Provide leadership and guidance to project teams to ensure that all aspects of ETL design and implementation align with the company reference model. Set strategy and oversee design and development of EDW staging areas and target tables. Establish and ensure appropriate data quality and ETL metrics are defined, monitored and managed in support of and alignment with stakeholder business requirements. Provide assistance to project teams as they go before change control boards to implement their projects into production Address and resolve technical architecture issues as they are appropriately escalated. Provide guidance and leadership on technical methodologies for projects, such as technical requirements, design topics, code reviews and testing procedures. Regularly interact with BI leadership on project work status, priority setting and resource allocations. Optimize ETL architecture and tools to gain efficiency and functionality. Work with support team to define methods for and potentially implement solutions for performance measuring and monitoring of all data movement technologies. Assist infrastructure teams as needed with technical details of all technologies in use for projects such as new version upgrades, migration of hardware, production issues, etc. Provide leadership and guidance on setting up technologies used by the EDW team to be optimized for a leveraged, multi-tenant environment. Assist in resolving technical issues such as connectivity between servers, security methods used between servers for authentication and authorization, etc. 

Enable Team Projects (as needed, priorities are aligned with the needs of the implementation project teams)Develop strategy for implementing data profiling, data quality, data cleansing and ETL metadata management. Develop and maintain the multi-year plan for source integration to support strategic business initiatives. Identify and implement appropriate data quality and delivery metrics. Responsible for establishing consistency across all EDW projects. Develop strategy and lead implementation for global deployment of data integration into EDW. Develop strategy and lead implementation for any required real-time information integration with EDW. Provide technical guidance and leadership of all data integration layers.

perience Required: 
At least 10 years overall experience in IT applications development or consulting related to IT applications development. MUST have experience with Netezza. 

At least 7 years in technical development and leadership roles on BI and Data Warehouse projects. 

MUST have experience with Business Objects Data Services with some experience along the way doing these types of activities:

  • Designing physical data models. 
  • Designing normalized data models for historical data warehouses. 
  • Design and Developing with ETL tool. 
  • Designing and developing with MOLAP/ROLAP/OLAP Tools. 
  • Designing and developing data quality, master data management or similar solutions.

Locations: Malaysia

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