ETL Architect/WI/Contract Only


The Data Integration Developer should have familiarity with data-as-a-service concepts including the ability to architect and design them; familiarity with how to design ETL processes that include provisioning and consumption of APIs, familiarity with how to develop & deploy an API requirement. The Data Integration Developer should be able to develop processes of recoverability, transmission failure and logging for the API design

The Data Integration Developer should have familiarity with the concept of Data Virtualization including the ability to develop and deploying them.

The Data Integration Developer is responsible for developing and deploying the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) strategy, processes, and technology solution to support cross-boundary data-to-data integration. The Data Integration Developer is responsible for collaborating with company stakeholders to ensure the correct technology and processes are in place to deliver timely and accurate information into the EDW or any other solution. In a partnership with the ICOE and the Data Integration Architects sets the enterprise and project technical direction related to the movement of data. The Data Integration Developer is responsible for ensuring the technical effectiveness & compliance with guidelines and restrictions for the company’s leveraged environments. The Data Integration Developer will help on efforts aimed at defining and developing technical standards for data movement and transformation as well as review all designs to ensure those standards are met. The Data Integration Developer exhibits expertise to resolve technical issues.

Ongoing Daily Responsibilities:

  • Follows definitions provided by the Data Integration Architects and executes the Data Integration strategy, architecture, processes to support any data integration environment including EDW; APIs & Data Virtualization 
  • Collaborates in the definition and development of Data Integration technical standards
  • Develops & deploys ETL solutions 
  • Collaborates actively in Security Standards & Authentication Models for the Data Integrations ( Encryption, Application user authentication, Authorization levels, etc)
  • Define Counters & Events for APIs 
  • Observe performance and use of best practices in the development of EDW staging areas and target tables 
  • Provide assistance to project teams as they go before change control boards to implement their projects into production
  • Address and resolve technical issues as they are appropriately escalated 
  • Provide guidance and leadership on technical methodologies for projects, such as technical requirements, design topics, code reviews and testing procedures. 
  • Regularly interact with Business Analysts and Solution Architects on project work status, priority setting and design decisions. 
  • Suggests optimization of Data Integration architecture and tools to gain efficiency and functionality. 
  • Work with support team to define methods for and potentially implement solutions for performance measuring and monitoring of all data movement technologies 
  • Assist infrastructure teams as needed with technical details of all technologies in use for projects such as new version upgrades, migration of hardware, production issues, etc. 
  • Assist in resolving technical issues such as connectivity between servers, security methods used between servers for authentication and authorization, etc. 
  • At least 10 years overall experience in IT applications development or consulting related to IT applications development 
  • Experience in API development 

At least 7 years in technical development and roles on BI and Data Warehouse projects

Other Locations: Neenah, WI, Roswell, GA, Dallas, TX, India, Malaysia, Argentina, and Kings Hill UK

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