BI Solution Developer (SAP MDM)/WI/Contract Only

ROLE TITLE: Tableau Developer:

Supports Business Intelligence and Enterprise Information Management architecture and technology. Participates in development activities to enhance Business Intelligence and Enterprise Information Management technologies. Experienced position that requires a Bachelors or Masters degree and 5-8 Years of Experience.

Language Requirement: Spanish Speaking

Requirements Include:

  • Knows the different visualization options and when to user them (Bollinger Bands, Bump Charts, Control Charts, Funnel charts, Pareto Charts, Waterfall Charts) 
  • Conditional Formatting with shapes, colors, size, text, etc. 
  • Experience working with a variety of data sources (Excel, SQL, Hana, SharePoint, etc.) 
  • Can use actions, sorting, filters, sets, grouping 
  • Experience with LOD Calculations and when to use them 
  • Understand the difference between blending and joining data and the restrictions for each 
  • Can identify potential performance issues and can suggest work arounds for improving speed 
  • Experience in publishing reports to a Tableau Server 
  • Calculations, geo-mapping, date/time field manipulation 
  • Using a Parameter to change fields 
  • Aggregation, Granularity, and Ratio Calculations

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