Collab and Info Access Solutions Consultant/WI/Contract Only

Leads the delivery of business value-driven solutions via collaboration and information access solutions (collaboration, portals, search, reporting, analytics and workflow) for all company employees across the enterprise. Promote and communicate collaboration and information access capabilities to the business community. Build and maintain effective client, peer and partner relationships in order to drive results and efficiencies. 

Experienced position that requires a Bachelors or Masters degree and 5-8 Years of Experience.

Specifically, the candidate for this position will be partnered with a skilled K2 developer. The candidate will manage the business clients and work with the K2 developer to (as a team) teach them how to rewrite K2 4.7 workflows to K2 FIVE.

Candidates Do not need to be a K2 developer or but experience with any workflow tool is best. A business analyst background would be helpful. Must be Process focused. Will be working with business client, and translate those conversations to the developers in technical terms. Need to be good at asking questions- to dig into what clients will actually want. Having technical background would also be useful, as they will be working with developers as well as clients.

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