Data Warehouse Analyst/WI/Government/Contract Only

Help with decision-making and program management functions for a large employer-based health insurance program. The position will assist with the implementation of the data warehouse, will perform a variety of data analytics, will develop program reports and dashboards, provide technical leadership to a small project team, and provide staff training in all these areas.

Specifically, the position will perform a variety of analytics pertaining to population health, cost, utilization, cost/benefit, data quality, financial trends, health plan and provider performance, provider network access, clinical quality performance, and health outcome gaps.

In addition, the position will be responsible for working with staff to identify business needs and design, develop and deliver a variety of reports and dashboards to make data available for management of the program. The HBIA will also be responsible for training others on the availability and use of reports and dashboards.

The HBIA will work with others to determine business requirements, priorities, define key performance indicators (KPI), and develop the business intelligence and data warehouse strategy.

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