EXACTA introduces new time-keeping system for payrolling on-site and globally remote workforces

EXACTA Corporation, Wisconsin’s leader for over forty years in commercial software development, announced today the latest innovation to their EBIS II Business Software suite for small and midsize companies – a time reporting and management system for on-site and globally remote workforces called Time Relationship Manager (TRM).

EXACTA’s TRM software enables internal and external workers to record time-in and time-out anywhere internet, WiFi or telephone access is available. Businesses of virtually any size can go paperless and record accurate time worked by employees and contractors, obtain timecard/timesheet approval, and feed data directly to payroll, billing, and vendor payment systems. Companies can use existing technologies like PCs, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, biometric scanners and even old generation touchtone phones to access TRM. Hours seamlessly and securely post to most commercial accounting systems and third-party payroll processors. Over a typical year, TRM potentially frees up weeks of tedious data entry, eliminating manual processing, and giving human resource/payroll professionals time to focus on more value-added services like recruiting and training.

EBIS II software fosters relationships between businesses and people, uniformly extending across the entire enterprise to promote superior customer service, vendor management, and employee development with instant access to vast relationship centric information. Whether information resides internally or externally to the company, EBIS II scales a small to midsize company’s reach beyond its conventional grasp. Additionally, EXACTA provides IT/STEM staff on contract, project development and management services, off-the-shelf business software, and IT/STEM training.

Founded by Wolfhart K. Schubach, EXACTA Corporation is the longest operating, privately held computer consulting company based in Brookfield Wisconsin under the same local ownership since 1976. EXACTA consultants and programmers work coast-to-coast and worldwide with nearly every kind of company, government agency, and educational institution. EXACTA launched its EBIS II software suite in 2016 in response to changing needs of companies seeking innovative workforce acquisition and development solutions for the twenty-first century.