EXACTA Automates Prospect Data Entry Software With Neat Desk

EXACTA Corporation, a Wisconsin leader for over forty years in commercial software development, announced today the latest innovation to their EBIS II Business Software suite. EXACTA has developed a tool which allows users of the EBIS II Contact Relationship Manager (CRM) to directly scan up to 50 business cards per minute into its prospecting system using the popular Neat Desk Scanner.

EXACTA is eliminating expensive data entry by equipping real-time scanning integration into its EBIS II CRM. A business of any size can now quickly scan multiple business cards and watch the prospect pop-up on their PC, MAC, tablet, or smartphone, disarming the greatest impediment to CRM deployment and avoiding the leading cause of failure. Integrated Neat Scanner tools free up hours, to weeks of tedious data entry, enabling salespeople to sell more and customer service representatives to serve more.

EBIS II software helps companies manage relationships with people, and uniformly extends across the entire enterprise to promote superior customer service, vendor management, and employee relations with instant access to all available information, whether that information resides internally or externally to the company. Today, EXACTA provides IT/STEM staff augmentation, project development and management services, off-the-shelf business applications, and IT/STEM training.

Founded in 1976 by Wolfhart K. Schubach, EXACTA Corporation is the longest operating, privately held computer consulting company in Wisconsin, which remains locally owned, locally operated, and locally based. EXACTA Consultants have worked with nearly every kind of company, government agency, and educational institution. EXACTA launched its EBIS II software suite in 2016 in response to unaddressed needs of companies seeking workforce acquisition and development solutions for the twenty- first century.