Historical Legal Resource/WI/Consumer Goods/Contract Only

Historical Legal

Responsible for
providing analysis, review and advice on contracts/agreements to contribute to
the accomplishment of the corporations objectives and to ensure compliance with
applicable laws, regulations, and corporate policies to achieve variable cost
productivity, working capital, and business financial goals. 

Description Scope/Categories:

  • Regional and/or
    global agreements across Procurement team Responsibilities:
  • Keep informed
    of current laws, regulations and developments in a variety of areas relevant to
    the Corporation.
  • Act as a communication
    link between customers and legal team.
  • Advise clients
    on legal requirements pertinent to their operations to assist in meeting
    business objectives.
  • Comment on
    contracts/agreements and other legal documents in support of the clients’ arrangements
    or transactions.
  • Organize and
    assist in presenting orientation and training programs for Procurement team
    members particularly in the area of legal and compliance.
  • Understand and
    apply Corporate policies and procedures to clients’ requests for legal advice
    and services, as well as, related governmental laws and regulations.


  • A Contract
    Management certification, paralegal certification or extensive experience in
    Contract Management.
  • The
    incumbent must have an Associate’s Degree, a paralegal certificate, or
    equivalent work experience, and at least ten years of relevant experience
  • Bachelor’s
    degree is preferred.
  • Conducted
    analysis and carried out appropriate actions based on the analysis.
  • Successfully
    lead a small project or initiative.
  • Mentored new
  • Worked in a
    matrixed organization and have built constructive and effective relationships.
  • Experience in
    which have successfully conveyed an idea or decision to key stakeholders.
  • Successful
    application of problem solving methodology and innovative solution development.


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