Systems Technician/WI/Manufacturing/Contract Only

RESPONSIBILITY LEVEL: Under direct supervision, installs required system field devices, completes low voltage wiring termination and device verification. Performs assigned system commissioning using the companies configuration and commissioning tools. Troubleshoots and resolves basic HVAC mechanical, electrical, and controls problems. Responds to basic warranty calls. 


  • 1. Mount and terminate system low voltage field devices as required. 
  • 2. Loads system-level controller software.
  •  3. Performs basic commissioning and system diagnostics from system-level controllers to end devices (i.e. sensors, actuators, etc) and completes all required commissioning documentation.
  • 4. Keeps management and the companies contractor or customer informed of job progress and issues.
  • 5. Calibrates systems requiring basic electronic test equipment. 
  • 6. Completes administrative tasks including but not limited to time sheets, expense reports, and on-site documentation. 
  • 7. Documents changes and provides information for as-built documentation. 
  • 8. Communicates with the the companies contractor or customer upon arrival and before leaving the work site. 
  • 9. Follows all safety standards and attends required safety training. High degree of regard to employee and subcontractor safety. 


  • Grade 51: Demonstrated technical aptitude. Able to use hand and power tools (i.e. drills, saws, etc.). Basic computer skills required. Attention to detail. Good communication and listening skills. Depending on location, the mounting and termination of low voltage devices may have special licensing requirements. 
  • Grade 52: All of the above plus two years experience in installing electronic and/or mechanical systems. Demonstrated knowledge of HVAC systems.

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