Reflections on EXACTA’s Intern Boot Camp

In today’s ever-expanding job market, a sense of service, a commitment to hard work and a deep passion for continuous learning are driving factors when initiating and sustaining a successful and agile career. For many, the first step is an internship and EXACTA’s innovative program is a “boot camp” to success for some.

“EXACTA’s second class of interns walked into the Milwaukee headquarters with what we thought we knew about career management, software development, marketing and sales and how to immediately contribute, but we were in for a not-so-rude awakening when we learned it was  ‘Intern Boot Camp’ time,” said Ryan Thiele, EXACTA Corporation’s Sales and Marketing Executive and former Intern at one of Wisconsin’s top IT firms. “We wanted to make an impact, never expecting the tables to reverse and impact us.”

Intern Boot Camp consists of a comprehensive program of study and a pre-professional practicum where new and soon to be graduates apply prescribed skills related to customer service, marketing, promotions, IT services, software development and supplier management. The interns explore project management and delivery with real-world results and a time limit, too. Next, they discover the world of IT (information technology) and the amazing results creative developers can produce when tasked with solving practical problems.

“We learned how driven they are – and how we could be as driven- when it came to expecting and delivering excellence as value for customers,” said Dan Noonan, an EXACTA Software Engineer. “As interns, we studied best practices and technologies to incorporate expertise, creativity, critical thinking, and common sense to problem-solving.”

Marketing Interns produce digital and print content across multiple social media platforms, plan and coordinate exciting marketing campaigns, learn new programming languages, apply new frameworks and analysis of business processes and experience B2B practices surrounding talent acquisition…all within a couple of months! EXACTA’s interns seem to all possess a personal passion to learn and grow. They also love the challenge to succeed in an environment where critical thinking is balanced with appreciative inquiry.

A  common theme among all staff at EXACTA is “One Team.” There are no departments per se, but there are functional groups, all supporting one corporate vision to find the best talent for our customers and provide world-class software solutions for mass markets. EXACTA instills and inspires this mindset of success in its interns and stakeholders alike.

“Speaking with interns elsewhere, EXACTA transforms students into professionals,” said Thiele.

“It’s not just ‘acting like,’ but ‘being’ professionals,” added Noonan.

This isn’t the first time EXACTA has devoted its employees to education and training.  With 41 years in business, EXACTA understands that continuing education is a force for social and professional progress, which is why the talent and development company uniquely offers full reimbursement programs for trade certifications and advanced degrees that enable, empower and encourage the best in people. Whether it is project management certification or a Master’s Degree, EXACTA supports the future of business by investing in the futures of people.

“It’s nice to know that EXACTA and it’s many clients care about interns as much as it regular employees,” said Thiele. “I feel like a 1st round draft pick among a pool of free agents…kind of special.”