EXACTA Unites Business with “Ware”

EXACTA is pleased to announce a suite of user-friendly business solutions that unifies a company’s entire operations around truly horizontal Contact Relationship Management (CRM), called EBIS II. EBIS II modules are low-cost and return high-value. With 40-years in custom software design for large businesses, EXACTA is making available affordable software to smaller companies that incorporates many streamlining features previously found only in expensive packages.

Using one, easy-to-learn interface, whether on-premise or in the cloud, EBIS II is the Ware to Unify Your Who + What + When SM. Simply put, EXACTA’s EBIS II software fills common gaps in business systems and unites all lingering elements of valuable company data to efficiently manage electronic, print and audio-visual pieces found in documents, emails, surveys, marketing campaigns, HR records, vendor-purchaser and business services.

“There is nothing else on the market that solves so many problems faced by businesses today,” says Dennis Hill, a board member of EXACTA and senior consulting architect on the system.  “All CRM systems only address sales, customers, and prospects, but EXACTA has extended the application to vendors, sub-contractors, applicants for employment, and employees. EBIS II exceeds the capabilities of most CRM packages on the market and pioneers relationship management to every other corner of the enterprise which have been too long ignored.”

EBIS II users can expect rich features, like sales opportunity management, prospect, and lead tracking, integrated Google Maps, personal calendaring, and structured follow-up processes, as well as tools that integrate and seamlessly exchange information with many popular programs, like QuickBooks, Constant Contact, MailChimp, RightSignature and more. EBIS II is an EXACT fit for many businesses.

EBIS II is also open, scalable, and integrated for companies that employ as few as 1 to 50,000 people for as low as $60 per module-seat (large quantity licensing). EXACTA designed EBIS II to be affordable by small and large companies alike. Finally, EBIS II’s modularity and extendibility through third party applications, coupled with superior support from industry experienced professionals, make relationship building and maintenance simple, fast and cost-effective.