A New EXACTApresence on the Web – EXACTA.jobs


EXACTA is pleased to announce the launch of our new market-side website today, November 1, 2016! The new website is located at http://EXACTA.jobs and complements MyEXACTAMundo.com, our career portal which launched in 2013 (http://MyEXACTAMundo.com).

EXACTA.jobs provides visitors with an easier way to explore all of EXACTA’s talent management solutions, from services to software. The highly interactive (i.e. responsive) site offers better access to company history, from its founding days in contract programming across a 40 year span of building the future of IT for many local, national and global companies.

Current and prospective clients, future EXACTA employees, and vendors alike will find useful and specific information about EXACTA in pages specifically designed for them.  The site even includes e-commerce for purchasing EXACTA swag (just browse for now).

In addition to explaining well-known contract and staffing services traditionally offered by EXACTA, the site also features information about EXACTA’s continuing education division, career development as an employee or intern with EXACTA, subcontracting opportunities for quality suppliers, and other exciting stories about the company.

We’re also happy to announce EXACTA’s revolutionary and world-class software suite, called EBIS II, tailored to people-centric data  curation and decision-making.  Software modules, called ‘Managers,’ advance and streamline people-related functions for any business based on EXACTA’s paradigm, CRM as ERP!  Priced to be affordable for any SMB or large organization, EBIS II enables decision-making and fosters automated functionality at a level never seen before.  In addition to the dashboarding and open, scalable architecture apparent from state-of-the-art design, early reviewers have referred to EBIS II’s Contact Relationship Manager (CRM) as “Salesforce on Steroids!” while others have found the Applicant Relationship Manager (ARM) to be the ideal solution for emerging workforce management in the gig-economy.

Thanks in advance for visiting our new website, and be sure to check out and engage our social media links on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn to follow us into the future!