Meet EXACTA…Anuksha

Anuksha hails from Hyderabad, India, where she completed her education through a Masters degree in Computer Application. After graduation, she worked as a Business Analyst in banking and

crazy ak (3)soon realized her calling as an IT consultant or project trouble shooter. To her credit, Anuksha is a natural born problem solver with superior “soft” skills to match. As a genuine people person, Anuksha combines both hard and soft skill, bringing an affable personality to her role as a Business Analyst.

Since IT positions are incredibly competitive in India, Anuksha and her family moved to the United States from their homeland in search of new opportunities. She is currently completing her second Masters degree in IT at Concordia University near Milwaukee, WI with a focus on software development and project management. Her husband also works in the IT field as a software consultant.

In the spring of 2016, Anuksha applied at EXACTA for a Business Analyst Internship. With her passion for IT, she found EXACTA a natural fit, and after a brief orientation period, Anuksha was immediately immersed in the development of the company’s business information system called EBIS II. Gathering, analyzing, and delivering business requirements for a new applicant-tracking interface, Anuksha joined EXACTA’s team of software engineers at just the right time to produce one of EXACTA’s newest software modules, called ARM (Applicant Relationship Manager). She cites her greatest contribution as keeping the team on track until deployment on August 12th.

Anuksha also develops and maintains user and technical documents when she is not conducting scrum meetings or teaching others about effective agile methods. Given that EXACTA holds high expectations of it’s interns, Anuksha represents one of the best, being a stellar student, a consummate professional, and an immediate contributor to the company.

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