The Gig Economy-“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

The gig economy, also known as the sharing or freelance economy, is trending upward. Employment in America is changing radically. Business, major medical health plans, and job security have all but become extinct. Employers in both private and public sectors embrace the gig economy, where temporary positions and independent contracts with workers for short-term engagements are common.

A study done by Intuit (August 13, 2015) predicts that 40% of American workers will be “on demand” or independently contracted by 2020. With the convergence of computers, communications, and digital cellular services, the conventional office has become mobile and ubiquitous. People benefit from the freedom to elect one or more temporary or part-time jobs in one’s neighborhood and beyond national borders. Similarly, employers benefit by conveniently seeking and selecting the best talent for a project from global population.

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For some, the gig hopping as a self-employed independent is an ideal employment proposition, but others may want job security and benefits. In both cases, a partner for career growth and professional success is critical for the long term, especially in an uncertain economy subject to surprise regulations.






EXACTA’s Talent Management offers a win-win opportunity with five different staffing options, and consultants may elect benefits as an employee while obtaining reasonable job security even as a contractor.

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