Introducing EXACTA


For four (4) decades EXACTA has provided contract programmers and related IT services to major data centers in Wisconsin, especially in Milwaukee. Beginning with mainframes in the 1970’s, EXACTA Consultants have constructed a long heritage of IT leadership in software design, development, quality assurance and project management. Today, EXACTA’s deep pool of competent talent applies creative and critical thinking to problem-solve and continue improvements through better software, not just in Wisconsin, but from coast-to-coast!

Looking to the next 40 years, EXACTA asked itself, its staff and its clients some very difficult questions from which it developed a long term strategic plan. The answer was to package EXACTA’s proprietary software for commercial sale, licensing and support to other companies and to incorporate formal training and education services on a continuous basis.

Business solution

EXACTA’s Consultants have managed the development of commercial software for many customers in banking, insurance, distribution, manufacturing and many government agencies. Innovation trademarks EXACTA’s software approach to customer-centered design, and ultimately yielding customer success and satisfaction with the suite of integrated products. EXACTAWare’s proprietary solutions include a relationship-based design, based not on bits and bytes, but on people – system users, customers, vendors, employees and prospects, all around whom business revolves. Stay tuned to hear about this paradigm – shifting solution which asserts CRM as ERP








Continuing education

Education is America’s greatest force for progress, so professionals who are agile, teachable and able to think critically in the emerging “gig” economy characteristically participate in continuing education. EXACTAcademy, EXACTA’s non-profit education division offers courses and seminars in partnership with Khan Academy, Coursera, programs from Universities and Colleges, as well as trade organizations, on a wide range of technical, management and general education subject matter.  Special programs in leadership development establish, broaden, and advance career choices, enabling individuals to strive for and achieve their professional potential.  For example, EXACTAcademy partners with colleges that, offer English as a Second Language, Adult Basic Education through Level 12, and Common Language Literacy


All EXACTA staff is encouraged by financially supporting each one’s individualized education path. More information  is available at EXACTA jobs, on EXACTA’s social media sites, and by directly contacting an EXACTA representative.

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