Buy SAP again? 60% of customers say no, says Nucleus Research

hair_pulling_frustrationsA new report from Nucleus Research says six out of 10 SAP customers would not buy SAP products again, and even in the core ERP market, nine out of 10 won’t consider S/4HANA.

In a statement received via email, SAP rejected the report as flawed. “SAP participates in a wide range of analyst reports and evaluations every year, the vast majority of which reflect SAP as a clear leader based on our products and demonstrated customer success. We did not participate in this particular report and do not plan to respond to the wide array of flaws we believe are evident in its approach. With more than 300,000 customers worldwide and consistent growth as publicly reported in recent quarters, we reject the premise of the report.”

The company pointed to other recent research it claimed contradicted the conclusions of the Nucleus report, including Gartner, Forrester and IDC.

ApproachSuccessThe 2015 ERP report from Panorama Consulting Solutions also shows SAP outpacing Oracle and Microsoft on buyer shortlists.

Organizations implementing ERP continue to struggle, according to the 2015 ERP Report by Denver-based Panorama Consulting Solutions. ERP implementations cost more than was budgeted, take longer than planned, and are failing at higher rates.  The report shows that 21% of ERP projects were considered failures in the past year, a 5% jump over the previous year. The same percentage of respondents (21%) are “neutral” or did not know if the project was a success or failure. According to the report, this can indicate that the organization did not invest adequate planning effort (such as software selection or business case justification) or in follow-through (such as benefits realization measurement or post-implementation audits).


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