2016 Wall Calendars Now Available

EXACTA-Calendar-1976EXACTA is celebrating its’ 40th Anniversary this year through August 6, 2016, and to recognize the event, a few revisions have been introduced in the 2016 Wall Calendar.

First, the background resembles crushed ruby, the stone used to honor the 40th.  Next, the calendar is setup in fiscal halves, top and bottom, so the upper half is Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 while the bottom is Quarter 3 and Quarter 4.  In the center, EXACTA’s new corporate logo, introduced in 2013, sports the tricolor wave listing the cities in which EXACTA has an office. The downloadable version has the first (1976) and 40th (2016) years vertically down the mid-line.

Founder’s Day, August 6, is marked with the company icon, and the diversification of fields in which EXACTA provides talent management services, IT, STEM and LAW, are listed below the corporate tagline.

Clients and consultants, prospects and retirees, interns and independent contractors may obtain wall and desk versions by calling your account manager, talent agent, or EXACTA’s 800# (1-800-258-2070) to request the new calendar, free and with our thanks for the past 40 years of successful service!

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