The Value of Internships and Continuing Education


“The expert in anything was once a beginner” – Helen Hayes, Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient

In today’s ever-expanding job market, experience combined with a continued passion to learn are the driving factors for continued, adaptable success in one’s professional life.

On a sunny April morning, EXACTA’s second class of interns walked into the Milwaukee headquarters with absolutely no idea about what career management was about nor how to thrive in the field.   EXACTA called it “Intern Boot Camp,” but we called it “summer jobs.”  Little did we now what to expect… We didn’t know how a project manager can deliver the results they do in the time allotted. We were blown away when we discovered the wide world of IT (information technology) and the amazing results that creative developers can produce when tasked with solving a real-world problem.  We learned how driven they are – and we could be – when it came to expecting and delivering the “best of the best” in all things.  To be honest, we barely knew how to dial out of our office using the fancy phones on our desks.

So, how did one of these sad souls end up producing digital content across multiple social media platforms, plan and coordinate exciting marketing campaigns, generating print ads for a new company division, and analyzing business processes and B2B practices around talent acquisition…all within a couple of months? I found the answer lies in personal passion to live, learn and love the struggle to succeed in an environment where being the best of the best among the best mattered the most.  A common theme among all staff at EXACTA Corporation was one team, one company, one mindset to find the best talent for our customers, who, themselves, were the best among Fortune 500 companies.  EXACTA instilled and inspired this mindset of success on its interns and the tools to achieve it, just like a successful career in the military begins with bootcamp.  It all made sense looking back at the Summer – how we went from students to professionals…not just ‘acting like,’ but ‘being’ professionals.

As EXACTA celebrates it’s 40th Anniversary now through August 6, 2016,  opportunities abound for you to grow and thrive professionally as well!

EXACTA understands that continuing education is a force for social and professional progress, which is why the company uniquely offers reimbursement for trade certifications and advanced degrees that enable, empower and encourage you to be the best ‘you’ possible.  Whether it is PMP certification or even a Master’s Degree you seek, EXACTA supports your future and truly cares about your long-term success.

Interested? Call EXACTA’s  main office at 1-800-258-2070 right now to speak with one of our dedicated staff to discuss this fantastic opportunity.  (I might even know how to answer the phone if you do.)


                                         Written by Jon, Digital Marketing Intern

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