EXACTA’s Referral Rewards Program Continues in 2016

CORP LOGO - SILVERThrough EXACTA’s Referral Rewards Program, consultants, candidates and friends get great opportunities to change the face of the IT industry, one professional at a time… AND get rewarded for helping EXACTA change the rules of the game by bringing everyone’s social network to bear on the IT field.revised_EC_Sign

The Referral Rewards Program recognizes each person’s contributions and updates to the IT professional database at EXACTA which hundreds of clients access each month with a random drawing of entries.  Entries are gained by referring new people to the Applicant website at MyEXACTAMundo.com or by updating their own profile.  There is no limit to the number of entries that an individual might have.

Refer your friends…even our competitors’ consultants!  The more applicants you refer, the more entries to win…and stay tuned each month for future Referral Rewards Program prizes.

One successful referral yields One entry.   No limit to referrals.

EXACTA’s Referral Rewards Program offers cash incentives and entries in drawings for cool stuff like dinners, movies, sporting events, computers, pads and gaming consoles!

Some Ground Rules for EXACTA’s Referral Rewards Program

  • You must be a registered user at MyEXACTAMundo.com and have an active and updated application at the time of referral.
  • You cannot refer yourself, any immediate family member or a past or current applicant, employee or consultant of EXACTA Corporation.
  • CASH REWARDS are limited to $500 per successful referral. Subject to the referred professional’s registration at MyEXACTAMundo.com, a successful placement by EXACTA is defined as employed by or through EXACTA for at least 3 months or for the term of the assignment, whichever is sooner.
  • Non-cash drawings are awarded monthly.
  • An entry is awarded to both the referred professional and the referring person subject to each person’s proper registration on MyEXACTAMundo.com and qualification for one or more open positions or open calls for specific skills.  Proper registration requires a completed and submitted resume and motivational assessment.
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals, drawing entries or cash rewards one can receive.
  • Drawing winners and referring persons are responsible for proper reporting and payment of taxes on any and all rewards under the EXACTA Referral Rewards Program.  Consult your tax advisor for more information.
  • Referral Rewards Program can change at any time without notice.
(c)2014-2016 EXACTA Corporation.  All Rights Reserved.  This offer and its terms and conditions can change at any time without notice.